Landlord - Tenant


Powers Law Group has been representing both residential and commercial landlords in Housing Court for almost forty years on landlord tenant legal issues. Our client base stretches from local Housing Authorities to private landowners and investment groups. We have seen time and time again how the failure to abide by one law (security deposit, last month, pet fees, etc.) can materially change an eviction proceeding.

Call upon us to be your landlord lawyer from the start to ensure that you are not only vetting your tenants correctly, but you are following all of the Commonwealth’s requirements.


The Massachusetts Receivership program is unlike any other across our nation. As a direct response to the Housing Crisis, Massachusetts enacted special legislation or dilapidated or foreclosed homes. Let us act as your court appointed receiver and let our experience lend you peace of mind.

Powers Law Group has been there from the law’s inception, and as Springfield was the test city, we understand its ins and outs like no other.

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