Zoning Law

Powers Law Group practices Zoning Law

Did you buy a building with the belief you could use it how you would like? Have you recently discovered that the zone the building falls under prevents that use?

Have you lost parking spaces or been prevented from opening up shop due to a hardship and the municipality doesn’t seem to want to assist you?

Zoning laws, Planning Boards, and Zoning Boards of Appeals can be extremely difficult to navigate if you are unfamiliar with their statutory authority. The state has given, through case law, local municipalities great discretion to interpret laws and statutes as they see fit. Most of the time, this isn’t in the business owners’ best interests.

We’re here to make sure from the state, before you close and spend thousands on this new investment, that no obstacles will appear post-closing unless we are already fully aware of them. Contact us today for advice or to schedule an appointment.