Personal Injury

Have you recently been injured?  Are medical bills draining your savings account?  Are you looking for assistance and compensation for the harm that someone caused you?

Powers Law Group practices Personal Injury Law

Our law offices can represent your interests in all types of instances and the fall out from these unfortunate events in these following areas:

Automobile Accidents

Has someone recently hit your with their car? Do you have back, neck, leg, arm pain and/or reoccurring headaches?  If so, you probably have medical bills and compensation that you need help recovering.  Allow our office to help!

Injury Claims

Have you been injured by another at no fault of your own?  Whether it bee a slip and fall, negligent medical treatment, or a work related injury, allow our legal team to help you.

Medical Malpractice

Injuries requiring medical treatment can cause pain not only to yourself but to friends and family as well.  Medical mistakes that occur during these times can increase your suffering.  Allow us to help you recover for this additional pain and suffering by negligent practitioners.

Worker’s Compensation

Have you been injured on the job? Are you an employer who’s had an employee injured on the job?  If so, you will most likely need legal representation to navigate the complex regulations that is Worker’s Compensation in Massachusetts.  So whether you need assistance filing a claim, dealing with your insurer, conciliation, appeals to a review board, or mediation, please allow our team to help you in your endeavor!